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What can I do at Thrillz?

Thrillz High Flying Adventure Park in Danbury, Connecticut is the WORLD’S FIRST indoor wipeout-style action adventure park! Featuring harness-free adrenaline-pumping obstacles, including 70ft zip lines, ninja courses, trampoline launch pads, rock climbing walls, and fan favorites, giant spinning sweepers and epic rolling log obstacles where half the fun is watching your friends fall safely onto giant airbags. Other attractions include next-generation laser tag, a rotating virtual reality roller coaster ride, a redemption arcade, axe throwing, and MORE! Thrillz is Danbury’s hottest destination for birthday parties, groups, and corporate team-building events.

What is Jumpz Trampoline Park?

Jumpz is connected to Thrillz indoors and is a 45,000 sqf glow-in-the-dark trampoline and obstacle course paradise complete with trampoline dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Jumpz also has an additional arcade, airbag obstacles, a separate toddler area, and did we mention more trampolines?

There is no height requirement at JUMPZ. JUMPZ is NOT included in Thrillz Fly Time, but you may play the arcade games with a Thrillz arcade card and redeem prizes in the Thrillz Prize Redemption Center.

ALL NEW DEAL: Add Jumpz Trampoline Sports to your Thrillz Fly Time and freely roam between both parks! Only $12 extra in our online checkout. 

For more information or to book Jumpz time without Thrillz (recommended for children under 48″): visit www.jumpzdanbury.com

What is the “Two Park Pass”/Can I Add Jumpz to my Fly Time Tickets?

YES! To upgrade and add Jumpz Trampoline Park to your Fly Time, add the “2 Park Pass” tickets to your order after selecting your duration of Fly Time.

NOTE: One “Two Park Pass” ticket must be purchased for each Fly Time ticket being upgraded.

Example: If you are upgrading 5 Fly Time tickets for 2 hours, you must purchase 5 “Two Park Pass” tickets. You will have access to both parks during your 2-hour stay.

What if I am late?

For general admission, we start your time when you arrive so no worries about being late!

What’s included in the Fly Time ticket price?

The ticket price gives you 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes of access to all of our Thrillz adventure obstacles (shown at the top of our home page). The arcade, redemption counter, laser tag, and rides (drop tower, VR coaster, and gyro) are not included – you can buy tickets for purchase in-store.

Is there a height requirement at Thrillz?

Yes, there is a height requirement of 48″ to enter the obstacle courses.

How do I book a party?

The best way is to contact us via the Google form and leave your phone number. Google Form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvUiJL__fFATNh1KM-JmbYwqZc0I5LFcUVOjmukpvaAg82dg/viewform

Do you sell food and beverages?

We provide a snack bar loaded with drinks and snacks along with a restaurant with a full menu here: https://thrillzparks.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/2024_Thrillz_MENU.pdf

The restaurant is ONLY OPEN FRIDAY-SUNDAY. The snack bar is open all days of operation.

Do I need socks and gloves?

Reusable non-slip socks are required in the park. Non-slip socks are not required for laser tag. Gloves are optional and are available for your convenience. If you already own a pair of safety grip socks, you can bring them. If not, you must purchase Thrillz Safety Grip Socks.

How do I make a reservation?

You make a reservation when you buy/book tickets online. To confirm your purchase, you’ll receive aconfirmation email with all your tickets along with the booking ID number for the reservation.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we do have lockers.

Who can sign the waiver? (Can I sign a waiver for a kid who is not mine?)

Only the parent/legal guardian can sign a waiver for a child under 18. The waiver can be done online or in-store. Waivers only need to be filled out once, and it stays on file with us. If you are bringing someone else’s child, please make sure that the parents fill out the waiver as well.

How long should I fly?

We recommend an hour and a half to 2 hours. The obstacles are very quick, and we do not have long lines.

Is Thrillz only for kids?

Thrillz is fun for every kid and every-kid-at-heart. Our park is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

Does my arcade card expire?

No, your arcade card never expires, and you can bring it with you every time you visit. Unfortunately, you cannot use your arcade card from our Danbury location at our KOP location.

How do I book laser tag?

The best way to guarantee a spot is to call (203) 942-2585 to check availability and reserve your spot. While you are here for your fly time, you may also ask one of our front desk staff if our arena is available.

Can I watch my kids play?

Yes, there’s seating areas around the park for parents to watch their kids play. There is also a lounge for parents to sit at all Thrillz park locations.

Do you change your hours for vacation and holidays?

Yes, please check the website for the most up-to-date information.